Boulevard Hotel Group’s Strategic Expansion into East and Southern Africa

Our Group, known for its commitment to unparalleled hospitality and distinctive guest experiences, is embarking on an ambitious journey of expansion into the dynamic markets of East and Southern Africa. This strategic move aligns with the group’s vision to become a leading player in the global hospitality industry and cater to the increasing demand for premium accommodations in these vibrant regions.

We have meticulously identify key cities and tourist hubs in East and Southern Africa, ensuring optimal placement to capture both business and leisure travel markets.

Recognizing the diverse preferences of guests in the region, we will introduce a range of properties, from luxurious city-center hotels to serene resort-style accommodations.


Boulevard Hotel Group’s expansion into East and Southern Africa reflects not only a commitment to growth but also a dedication to creating meaningful connections with diverse cultures and communities. With a focus on sustainability, technology, and community engagement, Boulevard’s
foray into these regions aims to redefine the hospitality landscape and provide an unparalleled guest experience in harmony with the unique charms of East and Southern Africa

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