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Boulevard Hotels and Resorts is the flagship brand of the Boulevard chain, known for its upscale, full-service, and stylish accommodations. These hotels are designed to offer an elegant and business-friendly environment, making them suitable for both leisure and corporate travelers. These hotels are primarily situated in urban locations within major economically viable cities across Sub-Saharan Africa. The Boulevard Hotels and Resorts brand offers a range of amenities, including luxurious meetings and event spaces, making them ideal for business gatherings and events.

Boulevard Premier is the upper upscale brand of Boulevard Hotels, offering premium, sophisticated accommodations. These hotels are designed to provide exquisite stays, often located in both urban and historical locations, providing a unique blend of experiences.

 Boulevard Premier hotels offer luxury amenities, welcome amenities for guests, and a gorgeous breakfast experience, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay.

Boulevard Plus is an extension of the flagship brand, offering exceptional concierge services and unparalleled business amenities. It takes the upscale experience to the next level with a focus on providing premium services to guests. This brand provide a range of luxury amenities, ensuring that guests receive a first-class experience. They are particularly known for their luxurious meetings and events offerings.

SpringInn by Boulevard offers a harmonious fusion of affordability and quality.

These midscale hotels are designed to cater to the needs of travelers seeking comfort and convenience without compromising on style